Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of MinnesotaDeveloping and Fostering the Highest Standards of Excellence and Professionalism in the Administration of Justice and the Art of Advocacy.

ACTLM’s Stated Purpose

  • Educating lawyers, judges and student concerning all phases of civil and criminal trial practice, particularly as it effects the rights, liabilities, and duties of the public;
  • Furnishing to other lawyers and judges legal and practical information on all phases of civil and criminal litigation relating to trial preparation and trial;
  • Arranging for seminars and other educational meetings for lawyers and judges;
  • Sponsoring informal opportunities in the form of meetings to be attended by lawyers, judges and law students as a vehicle for discussing common practical legal problems, attaining growth and expertise in the process, and sharing the problems occasioned by the experience; and
  • Monitoring and analyzing current procedural and substantive law proposals and issues and, where appropriate, asserting public position or statements on such issues.