Dakota County Conciliation Court Project

ACTLM is pleased to be part of the Dakota County Conciliation Court Program.  ACTLM Members are trained as conciliation court judges in a Training by a presiding District Court Judge.  ACTLM members then volunteer and serve as conciliation court referees and judges throughout Dakota County.

A special thank you to ACTLM Conciliation Court Project Coordinator Roger Kramer

Conciliation Court Training Dates


  • Date:  May 7, 2021
  • Time:   1:00 – 3:30
  • Location:  Dakota County Western Service Center – 14955 Galaxie Avenue, Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • Courtroom  ONLINE – Zoom
  • Presenters:  Judge Mark Vandelist, Roger Kramer, Michelle Wagner,  Professor Jeanette Wong

This training is intended for attorneys who would like to serve as pro bono referees, as well as a refresher course for any current referees wishing to attend. The curriculum  includes information on conciliation court administration and procedures, HR policies, and mock trials.  To Register for the Training or for more information, contact Roger Kramer at  Phone: 651-789-2923 or Email: [email protected]

LIST of ACTLM Conciliation Court Judges

  • Charles Bird (Olmstead County)
  • Patrick Biren
  • Bruce Candlin
  • Robert Christensen
  • Patrick Cotter
  • Candace Dale
  • Linc Deter
  • Bernie Dusich
  • Samuel Edmunds
  • Robert Feigh
  • Bill Harper
  • Howard Helgen
  • Jim Knudsen
  • Roger Kramer
  • Randi LaFleur
  • Jim Lavoie
  • Jim Lindell
  • Reed Mackenzie
  • Bruce McLellan
  • Mike Moline
  • Kristi Paulson
  • Jack Pierce
  • Stephen Rathke
  • Peter Riley
  • Bruce Rivers
  • John R. Schulz
  • Stacy Sever
  • Ali Sieben
  • Jim Sherburne
  • Matt Steinbrink
  • Janet Stellpflug
  • Jeremy Stevens (Olmstead County)
  • Ray Tahnk-Johnson
  • William Tilton
  • Judge Mark Vandelist (Coordinator – LaSeuer County)
  • Markus C. Yira (Dakota County and LaSeuer County)